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What is a sound bowl massage?

This is different to traditional massage as there is no hands-on movements, we work only with sound and vibration, placing the bowls on specific areas of your body and letting them guide you into stillness through vibration.

Sessions are done with your clothes remaining on and as a one-on-one treatment session.


​​'The Sound of the Singing Bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tensions, mobilizes self healing forces and sets free creative energies'

~ Peter Hess (Founder of the Peter Hess Institute and the Sound Bowl Massage)

Sessions are 60 minutes and can also be combined with restorative bodywork for 90 mins

Treat yourself to a sound bowl massage and let the soothing sound and vibration of these therapeutic sound bowls move through your body, dissolving tension and reducing stress, to leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and grounded.


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