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Weekly Yoga in Dunsborough

Join us for yoga with an ocean view at one of our beautiful seaside locations!
All sessions focus on slow, safe and mindful movement as we reconnect to body and breath.
Sessions are suitable for everyBODY ~ if you can breathe you can do this yoga!

​Location pins:

Yoga By The Sea

Yoga at The Yacht Club

Yoga at Eagle Bay Hall


Online bookings are recommended.​

Feel free to contact me for last minute availability or with any questions!

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Weekly Yoga Schedule


9 - 10:15 am - Dunsborough Yacht Club


9 - 10:15 am - Dunsborough Yacht Club



9 - 10:15 am  -  Eagle Bay Hall

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Our Yoga Venues:

Yoga By The Sea

Dunsborough Bay Foreshore

(50m from end of Dunn Bay Road)

Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club

307 Geographe Bay Rd, Quindalup WA 6281

Eagle Bay Community Hall

Fern Rd, Eagle Bay WA 6281


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Private Yoga Experiences

Private one-on-one or group Yoga.

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Yoga & Sound Relaxation

Gentle yoga and sound bath experiences


Designed for you

Self Guided Yoga Programs

  • What are the health benefits of yoga?
    Yoga makes you more flexible and strong
  • What is yoga
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Client Gratitude

Now the view is spectacular! 

But it is Mandy herself that gets me back again and again. What a blessing it is to have in my week.... Sunrise yoga with Mandy creating a beautiful space to strengthen and center my body.

She holds the space beautifully. This is a great class!

Cate E ~ Dunsborough, WA

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