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About Devahiti

" I strive to encourage those who think

‘they can’t do yoga’

to become those who can


If you can breathe, you can do yoga!"

Devahiti Dunsborough ~
Mandy Lancellas

Life is busy! This is why I would love to help you to slow down and reconnect to your body and breath.

​My passion is assisting people in reducing their stress through mindful movement, breath
awareness, sound relaxation and nurturing bodywork so that they can assist their healing process on all
levels, body, mind and emotions ~

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.

A lover of nature and all things ocean.

In 2014 I immigrated to Australia with my partner,

so that we could embrace the incredible lifestyle that beautiful Western Australia has to offer!

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I truly discovered yoga through a surfing injury and never looked back!
Other than keeping me both strong and flexible so that I can continue surfing, my yoga practice has also helped me to find more mental and emotional calm when life gets challenging.

During the recovery process from the above mentioned surfing injury that resulted in a broken collarbone, I realized that I wanted to learn how to do yoga safely on my own..

so I embarked on a yoga teacher training back in South Africa with my mum and yoga teacher trainer Cheryl Lancellas in Durban, South Africa. I had never intended to teach yoga to others, but as I began my 200 hour yoga teacher training I found myself so inspired to share this amazing, healing gift with others!

When I returned to Australia I was actually given an amazing opportunity to cover some classes at the local collaborative yoga studio and this is where my teaching journey began.
I have since returned to South Africa to complete my level two (300 hour) teacher training certificate in order to reach my 500 hour certification.
I have also completed two levels of yin yoga training with Danielle Mercer from Canada here in WA.


In 2015 during my recovery from my surfing injury/ fractured collarbone a lovely lady Ute, sound therapist and trainer from Margaret River loaned me a therapy bowl to work with, to help the bone to heal and to bring my body's healing response online.

I will never forget my first magical experience of hearing and feeling the beautiful sound and vibration , so soothing and so grounding.
I was hooked.. I worked with it around the injury area and visualized the broken bone knitting back together.
I wanted to learn more.. 

It took me three years before the time was right and then I began my training for sound bowl massage and sound bath sessions so I could share this amazing experience with others in both an individual and group environment ~ 

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Before I left South Africa I had embarked on learning a fascinating and restorative bodywork modality which releases tension, assists with reducing pain and helps to realign the body on all levels - but in a gentle and non-invasive way without any forceful manipulations.

This bodywork modality has proven to be so effective that I went through the process of having it approved as a standalone modality and it is now recognized in Australia by the IICT!

In 2021 I came across Bowen Therapy and was amazed at how my body felt after a treatment, I felt called to learn more and finally in 2023 I decided to take the plunge and do my Fascial Kinetics Bowen Therapy training and I am excited to say I am now a certified Bowen Practitioner!



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Private Yoga Experiences

Group, couples or individual yoga sessions for stress relief.

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Yoga & Sound Relaxation Sessions

Gentle hatha yoga and sound relaxation packages


Design Your Own Experience

Work with me to create your own session to enhance your experience

Client Gratitude

"I had the AMAZING experience of taking class with Mandy while staying on Namotu island in Fiji and I can’t say enough good things about it! One of Mandy’s strengths is curating a full experience within her classes by using relaxing sounds and smells. After each practice I felt fully relaxed and calm. Mandy takes great care and keeps everyone safe and protected against injury or strain in her classes while still getting a good stretch in. This is such a refreshing approach and helped me recover from many surfing adventures. Thanks Mandy for a great experience!"

Eva Peterson
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