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Sound Bowl Massage Dunsborough

Let sound and vibration guide you into deep relaxation on all levels ~

When body, mind and emotions are balanced and in harmony, we can live a truly happy, healthy and abundant life! 


 Sound Treatments are far more than just a feel-good-treatment.  When we resonate with sound, we become sound.

We return to our true essence, our initial harmonic blueprint ~ back to source.


When we allow ourselves to JUST BE and to resonate with pure frequencies and vibrations applied by the Sound Practitioner in a nurturing, loving space, our energy systems are able to de-stress and reset.

Blockages, tension, pain and dis-ease are naturally dissolved and the existing healthy vibrations are strengthened.

* Can also be combined with Bowen Therapy for a 90 minute 'Bowen & Sound Bowls' treatment session *

~ All Sound Massage Bookings Available On Request ~


'The Sound of the Singing Bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration.

The sound breaks tensions, mobilizes self healing forces and sets free creative energies'

~ Peter Hess

(Founder of the Peter Hess Institute and the Sound Bowl Massage)

We also offer a ‘sound bath’ experience for a couples or groups.


If you struggle with pain or inflammation ~ the sound bowl massage enables deep relaxation by reducing stress, calming the nervous system and assisting the body's healing response.

This experience will leave you feeling incredibly calm and grounded.


60 mins

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Private Yoga Experiences

Gentle yoga and sound relaxation for stress relief. For groups, couples or individuals.


Sound Bath


A nurturing experience as you 'bathe' in nurturing sound and vibration for deep relaxation


Bowen Therapy


Reduce pain and inflammation and rebalance body, mind and emotions.

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Client Gratitude

I thoroughly enjoyed my sound bowl massage and restorative bodywork treatment.

Mandy is very intuitive and her sessions are restorative and transformational.

She has a beautiful caring presence.

Kirsty D ~ Dunsborough, WA

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