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Bowen Therapy & Sound Bowl Massage

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 140 Australian dollars
  • Acuhub Acupuncture Clinic

Service Description

A supportive blend of Bowen Therapy combined with the nurturing sound and vibrations of the Peter Hess therapeutic bowls. Let stress and tension melt away as you are 'sound massaged' into deep relaxation. Bowen Therapy gentle, non-invasive and helps to reduce pain, stress and inflammation without forceful manipulations. Treatments consist of gentle cross-fibre movements that help to release and rehydrate the fascia, which wraps around and supports all the nerves, muscles, organs and bones of the body. The ungluing of the fascia improves overall mobility and assists with the release of toxins from the tissues via the lymphatic system. Bowen Therapy leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, rebalancing the nervous system and bringing the healing response back online to restore all the body’s systems. Treatments also assist the release of mental or emotional stress that may have been residing in the tissues, improving mental and emotional health." This treatment blend is approximately 90 mins

Contact Details

  • 0475 057 294

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