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Private Yoga Experiences  |  Sound Relaxation  |  Bowen Therapy

Welcome to Devahiti

Devahiti means Divine Order in Sanskrit

Our passion is restoring Divine order through gentle yoga, sound relaxation and Bowen Therapy.

All our yoga and sound relaxation sessions focus on stress relief, to help you unwind and to relax.

We offer private group experiences in the comfort of your own accommodation.

All equipment is provided.


Servicing Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River and the surrounding areas of the South West.

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Private Yoga Experiences

For groups, couples or individuals. Tailored for beginners to intermediates.

Relax and unwind with mindful movement. Add a nurturing sound bath for deep relaxation.


Sound Relaxation Sessions

Enjoy an individual sound bowl massage or immerse yourself in a restorative sound bath session with friends.

Relax as you let the sound and vibration melt away stress and tension.


Bowen Therapy Treatments

A gentle, non-invasive bodywork modality to help reduce pain, tension and inflammation. Assisting the body's healing response to come back online and leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

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"I strive to encourage those who think ‘they can’t do yoga’, to become those who can...

because if you can breathe, you can do yoga!"

Devahiti Dunsborough ~ Mandy Lancellas

Life is busy! This is why I would love to help you to slow down and reconnect to your body and breath.

​My passion is assisting people in reducing their stress through mindful movement, sound relaxation and bowen therapy so that they can assist healing on all levels, body, mind and emotions.

Yoga & Sound Services for Stress Relief


Private Yoga Experiences

Unique yoga and sound relaxation packages for groups, individuals or couples

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Yoga by the Sea

Weekly gentle hatha yoga sessions with an ocean view!

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Sound Bowl Massage

Relieve stress and tension with nurturing sound and vibration

Devahiti Events and Blog

Client Gratitude

I received a truly nurturing, nourishing Devahiti treatment from Mandy that felt like it shifted deep layers, whilst being gentle and relaxing. She was able to tune into my body and what it needed, tapping intuitively into some powerful and helpful messages. I was able to surrender, as Mandy's experience and confidence made me feel truly safe and in good hands. I would highly recommend Mandy not only as a yoga teacher, but anyone looking for a caring and personalized healing experience ~

Stacey Smart, Stacey's Astrology & Rhythm - Dunsborough Western Australia
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