Yoga Events Dunsborough

Devahiti means 'divine order' in sanskrit ~  We strive to create events that assist us in honoring the divine order that is within us and all around us.

We love to create pop-up events that nurture our body, mind and spirit and we love to collaborating with the abundance of incredibly gifted people who are also in-service within our community!

From tapping into our creativity through various mindful art workshops, connecting with our body and breath through slow and nurturing movement, enjoying healthy fresh food creations or listening to incredible local speakers who come to share their wisdom with us, we aim to assist you on your healing journey through nurturing of self and deep connection with others.

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'Move into Stillness'
Yoga & Sound Bath for Relaxation
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A very special event to close the year!

~ We begin our evening together with guided breathwork to bring balance and calm the body, mind and emotions..

~ From there we ease into slow and gentle movements, with the intention to reconnect back to our bodies through this mindful breath awareness, to reduce tension and stress

~ leaving you feeling calm, grounded and ready to receive the gentle 'sound bath' experience, specially created by myself to guide you deeper into relaxation.

Date: Thursday December 30th

Time: 6:15 - 8 pm

Venue: Eagle Bay Community Hall

Exchange: $25

* If you are experiencing financial difficulty please feel free to contact me to discuss a way forward


Please contact me to book your space before Tuesday Dec 28th @ 6pm

Suggestions of what to bring: your own yoga mat, bolster, eye pillow, blanket ~ and a smile!

I look forward to sharing this heart centered event with you all!

Mandy ~